Wedding Reception Specialist


I started JHelton Mobile DJ service in 2001 after 8yrs as a weekend club dj. I found I had a knack for knowing the right song to play and when to play it. I enjoy most music genres and I'm familiar with hits from Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Rap, and Pop as well as classics from Disco, Motown, Classic Rock, and Oldies.

I use OtsDJ licensed professional software to run my music program and licensed Roxbox Karaoke to run a karaoke show. 10", 15", and 20" speakers powered by 300w, 1200w, and 1800w amps. UHF and VHF wireless microphones and dance floor lighting. Not all of this is required to do the typical performance, though.

Assistant DJ Tess

I am a member of the Harlan County Chamber of Commerce and will furnish references upon request. In 20+yrsI have never missed an engagement or showed up late.

Located in SE KY, I have a service area from to Lexington KY, Knoxville TN and Southwest VA.

Jim Helton,
JHelton Mobile DJ services
POB 400
Evarts KY 40828